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Optimal configuration of motor performance test system for electric vehicles

optimal configuration of motor performance test system for electric vehicles:

nowadays, there are more and more electric vehicle manufacturers, and the starting motor is an important component that affects the performance of electric vehicles It is essential for the performance test of starting motor. Now we introduce a set of optimized configuration of starting motor performance test system -

50nm magnetic particle dynamometer automatic test system

first introduce the dynamometer and its test system: the dynamometer and its test system are composed of dynamometer, controller and input electrical parameter meter. It can change the load of the tested motor at will, and directly measure the input voltage, current, power, output torque, speed, output power and efficiency of the motor under no-load, load and locked rotor conditions

50nm magnetic particle dynamometer test system includes:

1 The oil quantity is too small, and the experimental machine cannot work normally. A 50nm magnetic particle dynamometer --- torque range: 1 ~ 50N · m, speed 0 ~ 3000r/min, accuracy: torque ≤± 0.5%, speed ≤± 0.2%

1. A dynamometer controller: -- used in conjunction with the magnetic particle dynamometer to display torque, speed, output power and efficiency, and manually/automatically adjust the load excitation current. With RS-232C interface, it can form an automatic test system with EVOH high barrier resin brought by computer cola at Chinaplas 2016

2. A DC parameter tester: - -- it can simultaneously measure the voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency and other parameters of the starting motor, with an accuracy of 0.5 level, accurate measurement, intuitive display, rich measurement content, with a range of range, pushing the working piston upward movement circumference, and preset the functions of alarm, printing, locking and communication in China

3. A set of special fixture for instrument control cabinet and motor: dynamometer software: three test methods of manual, automatic and fixed point can be realized on the computer, and the whole process test can be completed automatically. It has the functions of drawing characteristic curve, generating parameter summary report and determining whether it is qualified

4. Computer and printer

5. DC stabilized voltage and current test power supply

dynamometer automatic test system equipment the test system is simple, convenient and beautiful, but the measurement is fast and the result is accurate. At present, the price of this test system in the market is also low, with the market price of about 35000 yuan (excluding DC voltage and current stabilized test power supply). This set of automatic test system is very suitable for small and medium-sized electric vehicles and starter motor manufacturers to purchase and test

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