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Optimization and balance of garment sewing production line management

whether the process design of garment sewing production line and the arrangement of operators are reasonable is the key to affect the production efficiency of garment sewing workshop. Taking men's casual jacket sewing as an example, if factory managers can analyze and study all links of production according to the theory of clothing flow production load balance, and adopt reasonable organization forms in production arrangement, assembly line arrangement and arrangement of operators, they can realize the reorganization and optimization of production process

however, the balance of the assembly line is relative and dynamic. There are many factors that affect the balance of the assembly line. It is very difficult for the assembly line to achieve complete balance. The balance optimization design of the garment sewing production line cannot be applied mechanically. Factory managers should formulate suitable production methods according to the different development stages of the enterprise, the internal and external environment faced by the enterprise and the actual situation of the enterprise

the production balance of the sewing assembly line refers to that in the whole process of garment production, the garment sewing is divided into several processes and priorities, and the manpower and equipment of each process are reasonably arranged according to the difficulty of each process and the processing time, so that the speed, output, processing quality and other aspects of each process are balanced, without uneven busy and idle, the pressure gauge tube is replaced to prevent the bottleneck process

in production management, process balance is the key link, which is directly related to the smoothness of the assembly line and affects the production quantity and quality of finished products

the basic procedure of balanced production of the assembly line

it is necessary to properly arrange the operation schedule and production capacity load schedule according to the requirements of variety, quantity, duration and production cost indicators, so as to achieve full and balanced load

analyze and divide the process of garment style, calculate the standard processing time or output of each standard processing process, and clarify the processing sequence; According to the specific style requirements, calculate the average beat, "Shi Jianxin said, and on this basis, estimate the number of workers required for the assembly line

check whether there are slowdowns and other waste of human and material resources in each process, consider whether some processes can be combined to improve productivity, and then calculate the processing time of the combined processes. When adjusting and merging processes, you must pay attention to whether the merged processes are suitable for processing in the same processing location or in adjacent processes

further check (2) whether there is uneven load in the existing process of the vernier caliper, and consider whether it can be solved by improving the production process and equipment

key points and precautions of job assignment

when designing the assembly line, the combination and balance of processes are very important, and the rationality of job assignment is also the key to the success of assembly line design. Process merging and balancing is not arbitrary. It is affected by clothing style, processing equipment, production habits and other factors. Generally, several principles should be followed

the skill and proficiency of the operator should be compatible with the process they undertake: the main processes such as collar fitting, sleeves, zippers, etc. should be assigned to skilled and stable workers; Or separate the main work of the process from the auxiliary work, and the auxiliary work (such as transportation, verification of quantity, etc.) can be allocated to other operators who have time to spare

in order to realize the balance of the assembly line, it is necessary to merge the operation elements appropriately: the process merging should be carried out among the same and compatible processes as far as possible, and be allocated to each work place; The actual operation time of each working place shall be close to the pipeline beat or multiple of the pipeline beat as far as possible to ensure the balance of pipeline production

for the first process, select the personnel with judgment ability and stable work: for the process combined with the mainstream, try to arrange the operators with concentration and judgment ability for the previous process

the smaller the divided process unit, the easier it is to achieve process balance, and it is also easy to adjust and improve: however, too fine division of labor will increase the workload of balancing work, increase the number of manpower and machinery, and cause waste, especially for small batch and multi variety production

when assigning jobs, we must pay attention to the impact of the proficiency of operators on production: because the standard processing time is determined according to the average skill level of workers. In small batch and multi variety flow production, the processing speed in the initial stage is slow, and the processing time in the proficiency stage accounts for a large proportion in the whole production cycle, while this problem can be ignored in mass production

when preparing the process, consider the running time of the assembly line, plan the production quantity, determine the tempo and number of work positions of the assembly line, and then divide or merge the processes according to the allocated load operation and with reference to the operation work classification table. The working time of each station should be close to the average tempo as far as possible, and the processes with similar properties should be classified as far as possible and handed over to a station operator for completion. Then, Then the process is arranged according to the sequence of the process flow, and the sewing process balance preparation scheme I is obtained

in the process combination, follow the principle of similar operation nature, and classify operators according to their skills and proficiency, so that the ability of operators can adapt to the process they undertake; The main processes with difficult process and high quality requirements are assigned to skilled and stable workers

in order to further improve the equilibrium rate of the assembly line, we must take various effective measures to compress the operation time of key processes; For those processes that may often fluctuate or are prone to accidents, the elimination method should be: take out the plunger and re polish with enough attention; The basic method of balance improvement is to adjust the operation content of each process to make the operation time of each process close to or reduce this deviation

when arranging the equipment, we must pay attention to several problems: make full use of the effective space of the factory, arrange according to the actual site and the principle of easy management; Try to reduce the phenomenon of turning back and crossing during product production; Find the shortest WIP transfer route, shorten the transfer distance, try to eliminate invalid handling, and improve production efficiency; The machine processing relevant parts should be as close as possible; The large volume of individual equipment and the space required for the detention, inspection and storage of products should be fully considered, and enough space should be reserved

principle for improving the process balance of the sewing assembly line

(1) first of all, we should consider improving the process (bottleneck process) that takes the longest time, or sharing the operation content of the bottleneck process to other processes. For example, improve the operation skills of operators or directly change operators, and transfer operators with high proficiency and production efficiency to processes with long operation time

(2) with the increase of operators, as long as the balance rate is increased, the per capita output is increased, and the unit product cost is also reduced

(3) combine relevant processes or decompose processes with short operation time, arrange this process among other processes, and rearrange the production process. Relatively speaking, it is easy to balance when there are many operations

(4) operation time can be reduced by improving equipment, such as bag cover, collar, sleeve loop and other processing. Mold production can be used to improve the process and reduce operation time

(5) improve management methods, strictly control the production and operation progress, find various deviations in time, take countermeasures to correct the deviations, regularly verify, summarize and analyze the production and operation schedule and its implementation, and put forward improvement suggestions

Gu Zhaohui is a lecturer at the school of fashion and art design, Xi'an University of engineering; Zheng Wei is the deputy director of the Department of light and textile industry of Sanming vocational and technical college. (end)

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