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Xinmi paper-making enterprises optimized and upgraded in the renovation

in the comprehensive environmental renovation, the paper-making enterprises in Xinmi City, Henan Province threw off the pollution hat of Shuangbo River, effectively promoted the adjustment of industrial structure by closing down the small and promoting the large, and led the industry into the road of sustainable development with the scientific concept of development. Paper making industry is a traditional industry in Xinmi, with more than 300 enterprises in its heyday. Xinmi City is located in the upstream of Shuangbo River, a tributary of the Huaihe River. The discharge of papermaking sewage has brought serious pollution to the residents on both sides of the river, and also blackened the provincial capital Zhengzhou. Although after 10 years of environmental treatment, the number of enterprises decreased to 148 by 2004, due to the "small, scattered and many enterprises", the treatment standard level is low, the sewage discharge rebounds from time to time, and the water quality cannot be completely improved

in 2005, the Henan provincial government strengthened the comprehensive environmental management and listed the paper-making enterprises in Xinmi City as the key remediation areas. The Zhengzhou municipal government and the environmental protection bureau also listed the paper-making enterprises in Xinmi as the top priority for governance

in order to ensure the realization of comprehensive management goal 7. When starting the machine, the Xinmi municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the environmental protection bureau have taken a series of practical measures, and all paper-making enterprises have also actively cooperated. Strengthen the signing of letters between the government and functional departments and enterprises; Hold observation meetings, on-site meetings and exchange meetings to praise the advanced and criticize the backward; 2.5 million yuan will be used to reward enterprises that build biochemical engineering; Strive for special funds from Henan Province and Zhengzhou city to help enterprises carry out environmental governance. Starting with solving the problem of sludge discharged from paper-making enterprises and focusing on the introduction of advanced technologies such as secondary biochemical engineering technology, the city has organized enterprises to go out for investigation for many times to seek technology, and has successively introduced advanced biochemical treatment processes such as suspension chain, oxidation ditch and contact oxidation. Experts are specially invited to check the treatment technology of enterprises, so as to avoid detours and ensure the treatment effect

after a year of efforts, the city's paper-making enterprises have achieved fruitful results in environmental, economic and social benefits. The paper industry structure has been preliminarily optimized, with 500 enterprises below 10000 tons being closed according to law, and other 98 enterprises above 10000 tons forming 48 paper companies through mergers and acquisitions. All the 48 enterprises were equipped with pollution dryers, and the problem of sludge treatment was completely solved by adopting spoke sensors. In addition to 14 commercial pulp enterprises, 34 waste paper and paper enterprises should build 31 sets of biochemical projects, which have been completed and put into use. The discharged wastewater, which is the necessary parameters of tensile testing machine, is widely used abroad, and the COD concentration is stable below 100mg/T. At present, a total of billion yuan has been invested in the treatment, the COD concentration of the outbound water is stably controlled within the standards set by Zhengzhou, the water quality of Shuangbo river has been significantly improved, and the paper-making enterprises have established a good image in the Central Plains

source: China Packaging News

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