Optimal design of crushing chamber shape of the ho

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Optimization design of crushing chamber shape of jaw crusher

jaw crusher often takes the initial crushing mechanism of single particle as its design principle. The flow characteristics of single particle crushing auxiliary crushing materials and the mechanism of laminated crushing are an idea and basis for the design of a new jaw crusher. Therefore, we have optimized the shape of the crushing cavity on the basis of the existing research. The following factors should be fully considered in the design of crushing cavity shape, so that the design can be more reasonable. The factors to be considered in the optimization design of the crushing cavity shape of jaw crusher, such as the shell components, switches and terminal elements used in the charging station are as follows:

first, the cavity shape design of the traditional extrusion crusher is based on the principle of single particle crushing. The cavity is studied as a whole without considering the transfer and flow characteristics of bulk materials in the cavity. The crushing chamber is the main working space of the crusher, which meets the ISO 13485 standard. Whether the shape of the crushing chamber is reasonable directly affects the crushing effect, productivity, energy consumption, liner wear, crushing ratio and other indicators. At present, the design of the crushing cavity of jaw crusher is mostly based on the model that the moving jaw is translational and the material to be crushed is static, which limits its design to a certain extent

second, the flow state of materials in the crushing chamber. It is mainly determined by the falling height of the material layer at different heights in the cavity when the moving jaw swings back and forth once and the filling density of the material in this layer. The falling time, height and filling density of each material layer in the cavity change with the cavity height. Great Wall Motors is willing to take this platform to fully consider these factors in the design of Hongxing heavy industry crushing cavity. The mixed penalty function method is used to optimize the cavity shape, and the curve curve crushing cavity shape is optimized. This S-shaped curved cavity can be composed of an S-shaped movable fixed tooth plate. The blocking degree of the crushing flow of this crushing cavity is greatly reduced, which can be regarded as a basically non blocking crushing cavity, which can improve the working efficiency of the crusher

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