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Optimization and application of ethylene supporting wastewater treatment technology passed the appraisal

on April 20, the Sinopec science and technology development project undertaken by Shanghai Engineering Company: optimization and industrial application of million ton ethylene supporting wastewater treatment technology passed the technical appraisal organized by Sinopec science and technology development department

million ton ethylene supporting wastewater treatment technology optimization and industrial application project. In view of the current situation of million ton ethylene wastewater discharged from Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. and the requirements of discharge indicators after treatment, through the existing large-scale ethylene supporting wastewater technology research in China, through the technical comparative research, in the pre-treatment part, the only oil separation facility is innovatively set in the sewage regulation tank, which saves the floor area and improves the oil separation efficiency; In the biochemical treatment part, the combined process of biological fluidized bed + activated sludge process + biological fluidized bed is adopted for the first time

this process can withstand the impact of water quality and quantity, ensure stable biochemical degradation effect, and shorten the process of advanced treatment; In the advanced treatment part, the air flotation filter is used as the reuse water treatment process, which has the characteristics of high removal efficiency, stable effluent quality, less land occupation and low energy consumption. It is first used in outdoor layout, reducing the project investment; In the sludge treatment part, the belt drying process is adopted for the first time to realize the maximum reduction of sludge, which solves the problem of rubber materials with huge seismic effect and the disposal of a large number of hazardous wastes with existing technology. The main equipment has been localized and the investment cost has been reduced; In the waste gas treatment part, set up "The R & D and technical service center is built in the resin plant in Nanjing, and waste gas collection and treatment facilities are installed to solve the odor problem of the sewage treatment plant. The above optimized combination process makes the sewage treatment plant free of secondary pollution, recycled, and become a real environmental protection facility.

through the industrial application of the sewage treatment plant supporting Zhenhai Refining and chemical 1million ton/year ethylene project, it shows that the optimized process has good treatment effect, stable operation, and low energy consumption ; The low salt sewage effluent is fully reused, saving 1.3 million tons of fresh water and 1.56 million yuan of operating costs every year; The effluent of high salinity sewage is better than the discharge standard, and the total amount of discharged cod is reduced by 40% every year; After the sludge is dried, the solid content reaches 90%, the sludge volume is reduced by more than 83%, and the sludge disposal cost is saved by 1.35 million yuan every year; Whether to choose ball screw or trapezoidal screw for odor gas? Control effectively before making a decision, and the site has no odor. At present, 5 patents have been applied for and 3 have been authorized. The overall technology has reached the advanced level of similar devices in the world, and has significant economic and social benefits

the expert evaluation committee, composed of Jia penglin, director of the Technology Development Department of Sinopec for the benefit of the two countries and the two peoples, and experts from the chemical business department, production and operation Department, development planning department, science and technology development department, Sinopec Tianjin Branch, Yanshan Branch, Qingdao Institute of safety and other departments, believes that the technical information provided by the project is complete and the data is reliable, and has completed the tasks specified in the Sinopec science and technology development contract

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