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Development trend of printing media and suggestions for the future

Market Research

through the investigation of the use of printing media at the Bureau speed of 50r/min, it can be found that printing media are becoming more and more important in the world. For example, at the dawn of the new millennium, Time magazine conducted a public survey on the most meaningful inventions to society in the past millennium, in which printing was selected as one of the most meaningful things in this millennium. The era of electronic media has come, but the printing fee is 165-450 yuan per month

now the market demands much more from the printing industry than before Printing is divided into commercial printing and periodical printing, which is divided according to the publishing frequency of printed products. The product processing process depends largely on the basic printing conditions, so the printing workshop is often divided into one or several departments

commercial printing refers to occasional printed matter such as pamphlets, catalogues, leaflets, commercial postcards, etc. Periodical periodical refers to the printed matter published and distributed regularly at a certain time interval. It is also the main printed product of publishing houses and printing companies

comparison of various print media

1 After the invention of lead movable type, Gutenberg invented Gutenberg printing press, which triggered the revolution of book publishing in the 15th century Compared with the previous era of publishing books by hand, it has made great contributions to social progress by giving more people the opportunity to receive education. As a result, illiteracy decreased significantly in the following centuries. But what is lacking in beauty is that At that time, the color part of the books was still manually operated, so the color books were still the same as before, and the quality was very poor

in the past 500 years, letterpress printing has been the main printing method of books. After 1970, the emergence of Phototypesetting and lithography made books popular consumer goods. of course. It is not just because of productivity that books cannot be popularized. The price of paper used for printing is the decisive factor. Only in this way can the cost of printed matter be greatly reduced and the price of printed matter be accepted by most people. The development of typefaces from imitating real objects to having their own typefaces has never been constrained. Since Gutenberg invented the movable type printing press, the number of books published has been increasing Even in today's electronic information age, the number of books published is also growing every year. In terms of the number of books published, Germany is the largest book publishing country in the world, with more than 80000 types of books published every year. In 1997, only China and Britain surpassed Germany. In 1998, more than 500million books worth 3.5 billion euros were published in Germany

Book types are mainly divided into two aspects: one is the content, the other is the binding and packaging form. Books are bound in various forms, such as high-quality thread binding, luxurious gilded leather cover and ordinary paperback. There are two types of books in color, one is monochrome, and the other is high-quality color art sample pair experimental machine. The types of books available in Germany today are more than 10000 The same type of printing pattern is also applied to magazines, periodicals, newspapers and pamphlets

2. Magazines

magazines mainly refer to business journals, regular publications, illustrated journals, etc. The field of business journal is limited, so its readers are limited to some professionals. Unlike books, magazines and newspapers are not borne by readers, but by advertisers

like books, magazines are also issued by publishing houses, but their service life is much shorter than that of books, which is determined by their content and characteristics. In addition Due to the short service life of the magazine and the difference between the magazine and books in content, its binding form is also different from that of books and periodicals

there is also a great difference between the publication of magazines and books. Magazines are often brochures with colorful covers. The circulation and circulation are both large, which determines that their publication and distribution process must be simple. Due to the characteristics of the magazine itself, its publication should refer to the feedback information sheet. It often uses offset printing or other efficient printing methods

3. Newspapers

today, newspapers are still one of the most important information transmission carriers. The first newspaper appeared in the early 17th century Pamphlets in the 16th century were the rudiments of today's newspapers. Most newspapers were published on the same day and had a large circulation. In order to keep the contents updated, some newspapers have to be published several times a day. The two most important forms of newspaper are and weekly. The external features of newspapers are quite different from those of magazines Newspapers use large pages and are unbound. Their distribution is to print several pages and then fold them into one newspaper

under normal circumstances, newspapers are published and distributed by specialized newspapers. They are highly efficient and can also print some low-cost, surface untreated paper. Traditional newspaper printing is black-and-white printing. Now the printing can be color and the newspaper forms are diverse, which meets the various needs of advertisers for color advertising. The cost of newspaper distribution is borne by the advertiser, so the final price is very low This is one of the main reasons why newspapers have become the media of mass information

4. Leaflets

leaflets are a large number of product brochures, which have a large market. It is different from magazines and newspapers Leaflets will not be issued regularly, but will be printed and produced according to commercial needs. Another important difference is that it does not print much

There are many types of leaflets The printing layout and color are made according to the wishes of the client, and the quality is much better than that of the newspaper. Leaflets are often used to publicize things (such as companies and goods) that need special explanation or declaration Flyers are also a major form of advertising, and the cost is borne by the advertiser

5. The outer packaging of other printing media

commodities is also an important kind of printed matter. Its materials are diverse For example, paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, etc. The outer packaging of commodities is mainly used to protect the items inside, and can also be used as a means of promoting commodities. At the same time, the characteristics of the items inside must be explained. All external packaging printing is the result of the integration of several printing technologies

6. Electronic media

electronic information, like printing, developed in the 20th century and is also an important way of information dissemination. Today, the development trend of electronic information technology is still mainly through computer and Internet to exchange information. The latest development direction of electronic information technology in the Internet also includes traditional radio devices and television sets, which can play information stored on VCD or DVD

like printing technology, electronic information technology also requires many continuous production processes, and the specific process depends on the specific electronic media. In general, the first process is the production of communication content, such as recording records or tapes. In some cases, information transfer is from one form of media to another, such as converting traditional movies to VC D. The above situation is different. The required content is generated by the computer, so it can be used both in real life and in the virtual world

in the initial stage Writing a script, like traditional film production, requires at least a special environment. At the design stage of electronic information products, it is necessary to fully consider the specific problems of information transmission, such as local weak signals (compared with printed products) And the limitation of output format (for example, the size of the display can not fully display the image)

sending data is actually a means of information transmission (such as CD, VCD, tape or live broadcast) Such as broadcasting a concert or sports meeting. In this case, due to the limitation of storage medium capacity or information frequency width, the size of transmitted data should be minimized. At this time, the compression technology is very important. The data must be compressed The quality is not affected. There are many kinds of information transmission technologies It can be connected through interconnection or high-speed connection via cable or glass fiber, or personal and corporate networks (such as corporate TV and internal local area network)

adjust and control the transmission of electronic information with appropriate protective measures, which can relatively reduce the infringement. This application is especially suitable for digital signals that require the copy quality to be consistent with the original. The modern protection mechanism program opposes unauthorized use in the following two cases:

① password use system, that is, to encode data into passwords to prevent unauthorized use

② in the field of digital watermarking, important information is converted into a digital stream so that ordinary observers cannot see it, but it is easy to know which part of the information has been turned into a digital stream

in a broader sense, electronic information dissemination technology also includes interactive application software. Whether to apply this information depends on the different requirements of users, including some computer game simulation technologies and visible real objects, which have broad application prospects

7. Multimedia

multimedia is a term closely related to computers, output devices (such as monitors, loudspeakers, printers) and their ability to copy information (such as text, sound, images, animation, etc.)

the multimedia system does not just output some information. It makes it possible to output a variety of information at the same time and coordinate these information with other multimedia documents (data text on storage media, such as servers and optical drives)

multimedia is a relatively new term. It can output a variety of information (such as text, image, sound, animation, etc.) on a publication Also includes printed information

like information transmission, human communication is also a multimedia form. For example, when talking about the total emission of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, make some gestures to help explain. In addition Several techniques are used at the same time The technology of copying information is not new. For example, TV sets can use images, sounds and words to transmit information at the same time

with the wide spread of television and new electronic information communication technologies (such as Internet and CD), the concept of multimedia has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. As mentioned above, CD and other publications are not included in the multimedia category It only stores various information For example, sound, picture, text, etc. it also combines sound, image, text, animation and other information to make people mistakenly call it multimedia. Therefore, the type of information (such as sound, image, text, etc.) cannot be confused with the information carrier (such as paper, optical disc, storage medium optical disc, etc.)

the multimedia applications mentioned here are the same Before a multimedia display, all kinds of information must be combined into one information. As another information type, hypertext is not a multimedia document in itself. Only when the hyperlink points to specific multimedia content, the hypertext becomes a multimedia hyperlink text

multimedia playing devices (such as computers, televisions, etc.) cannot play electronic information according to human feelings. Today's multimedia products still cannot support touch and taste. A media that can convey fragrant taste and make people feel touch through certain surface features not only spreads text and visual information, but also has printed matter. Some people think that printed matter is a kind of multimedia, but the printed information is lack of dynamic and interactive. With the development of electronic information playing equipment, multimedia technology that can make people feel touch and taste will be realized in the near future (e.g

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