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Flexibility and automation: the development trend of food and packaging machinery in the first three years of the tenth five year plan, China's food industry developed rapidly, with a growth rate of 18%-21%. In 2003, the dairy industry, fruit 9, must operate according to the procedures specified in the instructions when using, and the juice and beverage industry reached a growth rate of 30%. In 2003, the annual sales volume of the food industry reached 2233billion yuan, but the sales volume of food and packaging machinery was only 46billion yuan, far from meeting the needs of the domestic market. In the same period, the total import of food and packaging machinery was USD 2.294 billion, while the total domestic market demand was about RMB 65billion. In recent years, the imported equipment can not be manufactured in China or the manufacturing level is far from it, which also shows our gap. At present, food safety has been increasingly concerned by the Chinese people. If left unchecked, it will affect people's health, reduce people's living standards, and have a serious negative impact on social stability, the food industry and even the entire economic development. Therefore, during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period when we cooperate with major cosmetics brands in the world, we should improve the level of science and technology and equipment in the whole field of food safety experiments, whether static or dynamic, develop technologies and equipment for rapid and accurate identification of hazardous factors in food, and further develop preventive technologies and storage technologies and equipment such as pathogen resistance and pathogen control. Food and packaging machinery have been an industry for only 20 years. Compared with the food industry, it is a new industry. The past 20 years have witnessed the fastest development of advanced technologies in the world. New technologies and technologies have been continuously applied in the food and packaging machinery industry. However, the image packaging machinery industry in China, which can move food and bags to narrow the aperture, has a weak foundation, insufficient technology and scientific research strength, and its development is relatively lagging behind, delaying the development of the food and packaging industry to some extent. Although the overall development of the food and packaging machinery industry is fast, the food and packaging industry is developing faster. In 2003, the growth rate of the food industry was 21%, while the growth rate of the food and packaging machinery industry was only 16.75%, which widened the gap. If the annual growth rate is 16%, it is estimated that by the end of 2005, the total output value of the food and packaging machinery industry will be about 62billion yuan, while the domestic market demand will reach 85billion yuan. By 2010, the total output value of domestic food and packaging machinery industry will reach 130billion yuan (current price), and the market demand may reach 200billion yuan. At this time, the market vacancy will be filled by foreign equipment. The goal of the eleventh five year plan is to narrow this gap, so as to make the food industry catch up with the world's advanced level, and to make the big packaging country stride forward to the powerful packaging country, provide advanced technical equipment, and let the imported equipment play a role of picking up the leftovers and filling the gaps in the domestic market. This requires the development speed of domestic food and packaging machinery to exceed 18% per year, and the output value rate of new products to reach 25% (12.97% in 2003). 

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