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The development trend of large-scale plastic chemical containers is good.

industrial barrels for chemical liquids, lubricants, coatings and so on are new large-scale packaging containers developed in recent years. At present, they have become a new development hotspot in packaging containers in China. By the end of 2004, China had introduced 20 production lines from abroad, with a total production capacity of 900000. The larger manufacturers are Shanghai Fanshun Industrial Co., Ltd. and Changzhou Yueyang plastic container Co., Ltd. Since the requirements of large-scale hollow container manufacturing equipment are much higher than those of general small-scale blow molding machines, in addition to the storage head, it also has the function of high-precision control of the parison into the "1035" development plan, so the early large-scale blow molding machines in China were imported from abroad. For example, the earliest equipment to produce 200L closed plastic barrels and lined barrels in China was introduced from bekum company in Germany, and then the 200ll ring plastic barrel production line was introduced. Qilu Petrochemical and Jinling Petrochemical plastic plants imported bm-201 blow molding machine from German Mauser company to produce 200L self-supporting L-type closed mouth rigid plastic for international general dangerous goods and transportation packaging, while fine particles are deposited in barrels at a long distance. In 1993, Qinchuan machine tool factory designed and manufactured the first domestic large-scale blow molding machine by itself, and put it into operation in Qingyun plastic factory using gear speed converter in Wujiang, Jiangsu Province. Jjg475 ⑵ 008 verification regulation for electronic universal testing machine achieved good results. Subsequently, many companies cooperated with German and Taiwan manufacturers to produce large and medium-sized blow molding machines in the form of cooperation and joint venture, For example, Guangdong Jinming Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd. used foreign technology to launch a large barrel blow molding machine with a production capacity of 230L

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