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Development trend of modern packaging design

as the main form of visual communication, modern packaging design has experienced great changes in both design concepts and functions from the industrialized society to the information society. The rules commonly used in packaging design in the past gradually began to form a new development trend in the sample vehicle design stage because of the influence of new ideas and new concepts

I. humanized design trend of modern packaging design in China

modern packaging in China calls for humanized design. With the development of the times, people not only require product packaging to be practical, but also require it to conform to the modern aesthetic trend and pursue the mood of beauty. The pursuit of increasingly perfect product packaging design functionality and the pursuit of visual beauty has gradually become the preferred goal of modern packaging design. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects

1. The product pursues a large number of convenient packaging in the design of packaging functions. In order to facilitate the outdoor work, tourism consumers and even the food needs of the elderly and children, the product packaging uses the principles of light energy, chemical energy and metal oxidation to automatically heat or cool the food in a short time. In order to facilitate the feeding of infants and the taking of medicines by the elderly, the thermosensitive color display packaging displays different colors when containing different foods or medicines for identification. These designs bring new feelings to consumers and improve their consumption desire. It also makes them feel that in the commodity economy society, businesses pay attention to consumers' living needs

2. In visual design, it emphasizes the enrichment and comfort of vision, and the design creativity pursues the aesthetic effect

3. In today's highly developed commodity economy, the communication and contact between people are becoming more and more distant due to the high electronization of modern communication, and individuals are becoming more and more estranged emotionally. People need life and more care and consideration. This psychological demand is reflected in today's packaging design. We can see the design forms with nostalgia and strong local flavor, as well as the use of hand-painted effects. These designs not only bring people the enjoyment of beauty visually, but also make this kind of packaging more "friendly" and "kind". It reminds people of their childhood innocence and happiness, and reminds people of the long lost nature, It also reminds people of their relatives and friends who are far away from home. In product packaging design, it greatly shortens the psychological distance between the consumer audience and the producer, resulting in the desire to buy, which is also a new trend in the marketing strategy of modern packaging design in China

second, the trend of cultural individuality demand in modern packaging design in China

design culture has the characteristics of commonness and individuality, and packaging design is no exception. With the development of social economy, customers' demand for cultural forms in product packaging design is also increasing. It is common to see examples of losing markets and opportunities due to lack of cultural connotation. This is because people have a deep sense of identity with their own cultural background. Different countries and nations have different cultural characteristics. The cultural individuality of a nation is a solid foundation for the formation of the artistic design style of the whole nation. As people say, the national is the world. China is a country with broad and profound cultural connotation. The Chinese people are a nation that respects tradition and is proud of their own history and culture. The graphics and characters with Chinese traditional characteristics have a special oriental form. At the same time, they also deeply attract people who love Chinese culture

in Chinese modern packaging design works, we can not only see the Chinese landscape paintings and dragon and Phoenix auspicious symbols used in the appearance of packaging design, but also the variant characters of Chinese calligraphy. These Chinese elements have been skillfully and vividly deconstructed by designers to form design works with both visual impact and Chinese local cultural characteristics. When people choose goods, they can easily have emotional resonance, Be emotionally satisfied. It can certainly be said that packaging design works that can not only make good use of the commonality of visual design language, but also fully reflect the cultural personality have more living space in modern society

III. modern packaging in China calls for the trend of green design

1. With the proposal of the green idea in the 21st century, a Green Revolution centered on protecting the environment and saving resources has been launched. Green packaging has become an inevitable trend of packaging reform in the world. Whoever first understands and acts as soon as possible will be in an active and invincible position in the new round of world market competition. China has paid more and more attention to environmental protection issues, and has taken advantage of the current trend of change. In accordance with the concept of green packaging to protect the environment and save resources, China has reformed the production technology throughout the life cycle from product determination, raw material selection, process equipment selection, production route formulation, circulation and sales, as well as waste treatment and utilization, and established a new green packaging industrial system in China

2. In terms of material use, it is required to use more biodegradable and recycled materials for packaging. In terms of communication, the words "please pay attention to the cleanness of the environment when discarding this package" appear on the outer packaging to remind and improve people's awareness of environmental protection

in terms of visual expression, influenced by the theme of green design, the design group also proposed the design direction of "less is beauty", advocating that each design element of the design picture should be arranged and combined to eliminate the complexity and simplify, opposing excessive design and achieving the best visual effect. They also believe that the packaging design should have a straight 4 Thirdly, the power source (electromechanical) of the pulling machine is also called motor connection, because the packaging design is loaded with the task of attracting and moving consumers through their own color, shape and other visual languages in a short time. Therefore, the simple, lively and allegorical symbols are widely used in various product packaging. Through the simple packaging shape and vessel design, they directly and clearly indicate the function and use of the product. The ingenious and novel arrangement brings new enjoyment to the visual senses of consumers

IV. the visual stylization trend of modern packaging in China

similar designs will make packaging design works lose artistic vitality. Style represents the personality of the designer. Only when there is personality can there be no similarity. The personalized trend is to surpass the self and cultivate passion. Personalization has been applied to Chinese modern packaging vision, and the stylization trend of creativity has been formed. This trend makes the design works more vitality in the expression of individuality, and also makes various visual elements on the screen combine in a specific way to achieve a more harmonious and consistent effect. The packaging design works reflect a personalized aesthetic feeling, which makes the packaging design works unique and innovative

in other words, as soon as possible, the domestic packaging design works supporting the masculine beauty of modern male style can naturally attract the attention of many male consumers. The noble, lively, elegant or gorgeous design style can bring more choices to different consumer groups. In recent years, the popular random layout design style, which is highly respected by young people, reflects the psychological characteristics of the young generation seeking novelty, curiosity and reluctance to be constrained. Therefore, grasping the trend of stylization is the key to the success of packaging design, which is also the demand for visual stylization in the development of modern packaging in China. It not only enhances the market competitiveness of the products, but also makes the design works have artistic appreciation. It is a new trend to improve the public's aesthetics


there is no fixed rule for design. As long as formal experiments are started again, it is in line with people's psychological needs and benefits people. It is a good design. Up to now, with the development of modern product packaging design in China, if designers can grasp its development trend, its significance will far exceed the design work itself. Design for people

wuyizhi, Department of art education, Huizhou University, Guangdong Province

source: China Science and technology information

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