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Development trend of cigarette package printing (II)

at present, due to the lack of holographic hot stamping equipment and materials, many packaging and printing enterprises, when encountering similar processes, generally hot stamp colorless or certain color laser anodized aluminum on products first, and then print four or more colors on anodized aluminum, so as to achieve the effect similar to holographic hot stamping. This kind of laser anodized aluminum should have strong ink adhesion, and generally adopts imported materials. Although the anti-counterfeiting function of this processing technology can not be compared with that of holographic technology, the technology is relatively mature, the equipment is relatively complete, and the printed electrochemical aluminum shows good effects such as hierarchical sense, three-dimensional sense and color saturation. Moreover, during the secondary scanning in the process of copying the product, due to the strong reflectivity of the underlying laser anodized aluminum, it is impossible to directly obtain the specific parameters of various color lines printed on anodized aluminum through the scanner, but it needs a long time of testing, comparison and adjustment to approach the printing effect of the product. If the technical parameters of the product produced by the original manufacturer are not obtained, only the "approximate" effect can be achieved. In this sense, it can also play a strong anti-counterfeiting effect. Moreover, this processing technology will reduce the production cost and greatly reduce the requirements for the production process

the adoption of new materials has become inevitable.

the emergence of new printing materials is endless. The rapid development of cigarette packaging decoration printing in recent years has found a place for many new materials. It is also the wide application of these new materials that makes the decoration of cigarette packs more colorful

1. Paper. Previously, only single papers such as double offset paper, coated paper, gray background whiteboard and white cardboard were used, and few papers were used to reflect the printing effect; At present, double offset paper is rarely used on cigarette packs. Instead, composite paper (including gold card paper, silver card paper, laser card paper, glass card paper, etc.), coated paper, aluminum spray paper, aluminum foil paper and other varieties are added. It has become a necessary means to express or achieve better product effects through paper

2. Ink. The use of ink has changed greatly. With the increase of printing equipment types, great changes have taken place in the traditional offset printing, gravure printing, printing and flexo printing inks. The increase of offset synthetic ink and UV ink has laid a foundation for the use of composite paper; Gravure printing is mainly aimed at customers' requirements for environmental protection and product odor. The use of alcohol soluble (or water-based) inks has been very popular; In order to get special effects such as wrinkles and ice flowers, manufacturers have found their own solutions in terms of ink composition and drying method. Even if the drying speed of ink is controlled, the main idea is similar; Flexo printing has made great progress in the field of food and other commodity packaging due to its use of environmentally friendly ink. At the same time, special inks such as temperature change inks, UV inks and pearlescent inks are increasingly used

3. Post press materials. The laser die-cutting plate has replaced the manual die-cutting plate, and the trace line has been gradually replaced by the "buckle plate" to improve the processing accuracy of products and meet the requirements of packaging machines in different cigarette printing plants for product dimensional tolerance. Different paper should adopt different dimensional tolerances on the packaging machine of the same cigarette printing plant to meet the requirements of product appearance formability. The embossed concave convex plate and hot stamping plate of the electric engraving gradually replace the corrosion 3 and connect the 3-phase 4-wire 50 Hz etching plate to improve the fineness of the product and the service life of the plate, so that many fine lines are reflected. At the same time, the hot stamping with concave convex effect has also developed into one-time processing of electric engraving, which not only improves the matching accuracy of hot stamping and pressing concave convex, enhances the three-dimensional sense of the product, but also reduces the increased loss of the process

from mass production to small batch production

now the output of each batch of live parts has been greatly reduced compared with the past. In the past, each batch of live parts used 200 or 500 reams of paper. Now a British fixture and other standard batches that meet the standards of many countries use 100 reams of paper in a large batch, and some even use only 3 ~ 5 reams of paper in a batch. This is due to the acceleration of market changes and the lack of market forecast, or the lack of market control, which leads the cigarette factory to transfer the decoration risk to the decoration and printing enterprises. In other words, in order to pursue the "zero inventory" of packaging products and reduce the risk of overstock, the decoration demand enterprises divide the monthly decoration demand into several batches or distribute it to the decoration printing enterprises according to ten days, thus forming a processing form of multiple batches and small batches. At the same time, the previously mentioned development trend of multi process and multi process is also the reason for this phenomenon. Due to the large number of processing procedures and long processing cycle of products, in order to ensure the registration accuracy of various colors and processes of products and reduce the deformation of paper in each process, it is necessary to reduce the time between processes and processes. Multi batch and small batch processing methods are more and more widely used. In addition, with the acceleration of the technological transformation of the decoration and printing enterprises, the production efficiency of the equipment has been greatly improved. Previously, it took 10 days to produce 100 reams of six color live parts with domestic two-color machine, but now the imported six color machine can be completed in one day, which also enables the decoration production enterprises to keep up with the order requirements of the decoration demand enterprises. Previously, orders that normally took 7-15 days to produce can now be completed in only 3-5 days. The improvement of supply capacity also encourages decoration production enterprises to dare to undertake small batch orders

in terms of post press processing, in order to meet the requirements of mass production of products, the printing equipment should continuously monitor and configure the line pressing concave convex, indentation and die cutting stations, so as to produce products efficiently and quickly. However, with the development of upholstery printing in the direction of multi process, multi process, multi batch and small batch, more and more equipment will also provide inexhaustible development power for the extruder industry to change the on-line die-cutting to off-line die-cutting to improve the adaptability of the equipment. In this way, it can not only adapt to the cooperation between various types of printing processes, but also effectively solve the problem that it is necessary to spend a high cost to purchase and repair the embossing, indentation, die cutting and other rollers for the connection and die cutting of a single product

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