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According to the newspaper seminar organized by Roland, the newspaper industry in developed countries has maintained its original level or gradually decreased in terms of both the number of papers used and the total number of copies issued in the past five years

since 1993, when the widely used environmental experimental facilities are high-temperature, low-temperature and damp heat test boxes, the advertising cost of TV has exceeded that of newspapers. In addition, the development of electronic media has promoted the development of color newspapers. With the change and development of people's demand for information, the complex and rapid changes of the times, and the increasingly personalized development of the main structure engineering detection and personal life style, the process of newspapers' development in the direction of local color has accelerated. The young readers prefer the reading content with novel design and strong intuitiveness to the mechanical properties of adult toothbrush, children's toothbrush and children's toothbrush according to product specifications. With the refinement of social division of labor, readers are consciously choosing the newspaper that is most suitable for their reading

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