The diesel engine of the hottest excavator operate

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Excavator diesel engine operates normally, but there is no fault of high speed and little smoke exhaust

1. Unscrew the exhaust plug of the fuel injection pump, and use the hand pump on the fuel injection pump to supply oil. If foam diesel oil flows out, there is air in the oil circuit

2. When the accelerator is stepped down, the fuel volume adjustment adheres to the innovative process design, stable and reliable quality, and multi-channel optimized marketing mode arm by hand. There is still a lot of room for the adjustment arm to promote the company's technical improvement, which shows that the throttle lever has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance

3. Screw out the high-speed limit screw of the governor and screw in the maximum fuel limit screw to increase the fuel supply, and the diesel power has not improved

4. Check the condition of the high-pressure oil circuit. The technical condition of the high-pressure oil circuit is poor in the following points:

① the oil supply toothed rod can not guarantee the separation of the color masterbatch and the masterbatch with the maximum oil supply

② tappet and plunger stick

③ the tappet and cam are worn too much

④ the plunger is excessively worn

⑤ the governor spring force is not up to standard

⑥ the fuel injector has oil leakage

5. Check the condition of low-pressure oil circuit. The oil supply of low-pressure oil circuit is insufficient

6. Check whether the viscosity of diesel oil is too high, and the viscosity of diesel oil is normal

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