Indoor decoration Feng Shui taboos and Solutions

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Interior decoration Feng Shui taboos and solutions

there are always chores to vent money, because the door is facing the downward stairs

after opening the door, the aura in the home rushes straight down the stairs, overflows and goes down, and leaks out the wealth. Then set a screen or porch at the door to weaken the momentum of wealth after going out. But it's better not to face the stairs

the door is too large or too small, making money difficult

the small door of the house is large, and the airflow comes out immediately after entering the house, which is easy to loose money; The door of the house is small, which is not easy to lose, but it is also difficult to get. The solution is to properly transform the door to coordinate with the size of the house. In this way, it is not easy to lose money or increase the speed of getting money

family members are often bullied, and the door cannot be fully opened

after the door is opened, it will hit the wall or corner, and cannot be opened to 180 degrees, which will make the family members unable to exert their abilities or be bullied. Solution: change the position of the gate

earn money for outsiders to spend, and the gate opens outward

like the stairs directly opposite the gate, meetings outside the gate let the air out of the house, as if the money you got was given to outsiders

solution: change the gate to open internally to make the air flow into the house and attract wealth. The doors inside the house should also be opened inward. If the house type is sick, do not hide the disease from the doctor. It can be resolved in an appropriate way

career turbulence and instability, fish tank behind the sofa

water is impermanent, and it is difficult to seek stability with water as a backer. Put the fish tank behind the sofa, and people will not be reliable when sitting on the sofa, which will affect the stability of their career

solution: put the fish tank next to or in front of the sofa. Of course, it's best not to put the fish tank at random

there is a beam on the door, and work is suppressed

people in the family are difficult to give full play to their talents, and even lifelong work is suppressed. A false ceiling can be installed around the beam to hide the beam, or two bamboo Xiao can be hung on the beam with a red rope. It can easily dissolve the harm of the beam





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